Terms and conditions


Title: Vive y Estudia, S.L.

CIF: B87494738

Address: Calle Gran Vía 16, 4º Centro 28013 - Madrid, España.

Email address: info@viveyestudia.com

Registry details: Registro Mercantil de Madrid, T 34470, F 40, S 8, H M 619963, I/A 1.

Website: www.viveyestudia.com


The register as a client is completely free of charges.

The user shall register by fulfilling the application, and creating an username and a password. This details are personal and non-transferable.

The registered user commits to do a proper use of the services provided and to keep safe his username and password to access this services.

The user will be responsible for the expenses, damages and prejudices caused by the use of the services by any third party that access to the website with his username and password, due to a non diligent use or the loss of this credentials by this third party. In order to prevent this situation, in the case of losing username and password, please get in touch with us.


- Be a student or a professional younger than 35 years old.
- Certify studies.
- Make a deposit equal to a monthly rental


The user shall register by fulfilling the application, and creating an username and password. These details are personal and non-transferable.

The user declares to be of legal age and having legal capacity to formalise a contract. Similarly, accepts expressly and without exceptions that the access and the use of this website is under his responsibility.

The user shall provide several personal details in order to make the payment of the deposit and completing the reservation process.

The user will receive an email from Vive y Estudia confirming the reservation.

The payment shall be done at the moment of making the reservation.


Once the reservation is confirmed, the user will be responsible for:

1- Staying at the flat during the selected period.
2- Complying with the rental contract
3- Making all the payments in full to Vive y Estudia and the flat owner.


The user will arrive at the flat the day established at the corresponding reservation confirmation.


The payment shall be done by bank transfer or credit card.

Accepted credit cards are:
- Visa
- MasterCard
- Maestro

Pago Seguro


To ensure your safety Vive y Estudia has trusted at the payment method by credit card in a payment gateway. The bank details introduced are encrypted and safely transmitted to the servers of the banking entity, and then, validated with the issuing bank to avoid frauds and abuses.

This procedure of data input is guaranteed by the SSL encryption technology, one of the more advanced and efficient protective systems available nowadays, thanks to which, any third party will not have access by the Internet to the information related to the banking details of the client.

Only the Bank has access to the banking details related to this payment methods, and because of that Vive y Estudia does not know nor register any of these details during the payment procedure.


The user may cancel the reservation during a period of 24 hours maximum. From the moment the reservation is confirmed, this cancellation will have a fee of 60 euros and shall only be cancelled if the tenant has not already entered in the flat