Rent your flat rooms to students

Rent your apartment to students in Madrid

Every day more owners rely on Vive y Estudia to rent their apartments to students in Madrid. Renting your property in Madrid to strangers can be problematic, for various reasons. The Vive y Estudia team works on a daily basis to manage any problems or incidents occurring inside the apartment, in addition to guaranteeing the highest possible profitability, a work that our owners thank and provide them a sense of security.

We are a company that offers seasonal rooms to university students and young professionals under 35, in shared flats. Opponents, master students, Erasmus, undergraduate or doctoral students, countless students are waiting for you to rent your flat with us.

What do we offer in Vive y Estudia?

In Vive y Estudia we will offer your apartment by rooms, and the students that visit us will be able to choose it after consulting the catalogue of properties that we will provide, among which you will find yours. We guarantee a minimum stay of three months, and a maximum stay of one year, although from March 1 to July 31 the minimum stay will only be one month.

The owners will have access to the common areas of the apartment, always informing the tenants in advance so that you can follow the state in which they are. That way, you can realise that your property has not suffered any damage, and that at the moment any incident arises we will personally take action to resolve it according to the conditions signed in the contract.

In Vive y Estudia we offer the possibility of managing by three different modalities the rent of your apartment based on the needs you have. Thus, you can decide the one that suits best to you according to your needs. Contact us and we will offer you more information.

What requirements do we require to rent your flat in Madrid?

In order for the tenant-propertor relationship to be satisfactory for both parties, it is unavoidable that we establish some requirements so that the student also has everything he needs in a temporary housing that will become his home while he studies in Madrid. Among the requirements we request are:
• The apartment must be fully furnished.
• Must be well-connected.
• You will have to prove that you are legally the owner of the property.

If you meet these requirements, contact us using the form on our website, by email or by calling us and from Vive y Estudia we will offer you detailed information on everything related to renting your flat to students in Madrid. Do not worry, you do not commit to anything to contact us. In fact, we will offer you all the advice you need in order to make everything clear to you before proceeding to rent your flat in Madrid. Besides that we do not demand exclusivity. What are you waiting for?

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