Frequently answered questions:

Contract Conditions:

- Be a student or a professional younger than 35 years.
- Certify your studies.
- Make a deposit equal to a monthly rental amount
- Fulfill the application indicating personal details, flat, room chosen and date of arrival and departure.


The deposit:
The deposit has several functions: the reservation of the room in advance, guarantee that the room and the floor is left in the same condition that when it was given. It is not allowed that the student pays the last monthly rental with the deposit.

How much is the deposit amount?
Equal to a monthly rental of the chosen room.

Where shall I pay the deposit?
The deposit shall be made to Vive y Estudia, not to the owner of the flat, to ensure that he commits to his obligations as well.

How to recover the deposit:

The deposit will be returned by the ending of the stay, according to these requirements:
1.You must have your payments up to date, and the consumption expenses as well
2.You must leave the flat and your room clean, and tidy as it was delivered by the beginning of the stay and without any kind of damage
3.You must return the set of keys.

Ways of recovering the deposit:
The return of the deposit will be always made by bank transfer to the bank account that the student specyfies (in this case the student will be charged with the corresponding bank commissions), once adjusted the real consumptions of the flat if the individual is not in Madrid anymore.

The contract:

What kind of contract shall we make?
It is a rental room contract by season, so the contracting party recognises that the flat is not his habitual residence, just his season residence.

How much shall I pay for the contract management?
Vive y Estudia charges directly to the contracting party 120 euros for the management of each contract.

Contract obligations:
From the time that it is expressed on the web of Vive y Estudia the desire of making a reservation and the deposit is paid, effect is given to the reservation and the contract acquires validity.
The signature inside the contract is just a proof of the existance of the contract. Since that moment, the company reserved to you the corresponding room, and stopped offering it.

Stay period:
The minimum stay is 90 days long when the rental begins between August 1 until February, and a minimum stay of 30 days beggining on March 1 until July 31.

Can I leave the room before the contract is terminated?
If the student decides to leave the room before the contract is terminated, his deposit will be lost unless he brings another student along that covers the same date that the contract had.
In the case that a reserve has been made and paid by bank transfer without visiting the flat before and by the arrival it is not what it is expected, the reservation will be lost. You must be sure about choosing the room that responds to your needs.

Can the contract be renewed?
It is possible to renew the contract as long as that room is still available.

Monthly rental and consumptions:

When shall I pay the monthly rental?
Pay must be made always during the first five days of each month. In the case the pay is not made at that time, Vive y Estudia will charge you a fee.

The monthly rental does include consumption expenses?
No, the consumptions are paid dividing the receipt amounts between all the students that are living inside the flat during the period of the receipt and the days that correspond to each one of the students.

How shall I make the payment of the monthly rental?
By bank transfer or cash.

How shall be paid the arrival or departure months?
If a student arrives once a month has already started, or leaves before it ends, will just pay for the days that he stayed that month, including the day of arrival and the day of departure.

Outages and incidences:

When you have an outage or a breakdown:
The lessor of the flat is commited to resolve the outages or breakdowns of the facilities and household appliances inside the flat, as long as they are not made by the students living in the flat. On the opposite case, the repairs will be charged to the responsible of the damages. If none of the students take this responsability, the repairs will be charged to all the students living in the flat.

How shall I inform about the outages and incidences?
You must immediatly reach out the lessor of the flat, if by any reason you are not given an answer from him, tell us by email, telephone or come to our office.