1. The lessor compromises with the tenant to the use of a room with: A bed with mattress (and cover), two bed sheets, a blanket and a pillow, window, overhead light, heating, a desk with chair, a reading lamp, wardrobe with hangers.
2. Availability of a living room with: TV, a center table, a dinning table with chairs, an overhead light.
3. Use of a kitchen with:

3.1.- Cooking hob.
3.2.- Microwave.
3.3.- Coffe maker.
3.4.- Fridge.
3.5.- Washing machine.
3.6.- Iron and iron table.
3.7.- Kitchen tools such as: frying pans, cooking pots, cooking knifes, ladles, etc.
3.8.- Enough flatware for the number of teenants in the flat, including: plates, spoons, forkets, knifes, coffe spoons, breakfast cups, coffe cups, glasses, enough cutlery to serve the food and platters.
3.9.- Enough cleaning products, such as: broom, dustpan, bucket with wringer, mop, rubber bucket.

4. Availability of, at least, a bathroom fully prepared that will be shared between the teenants.
5. The teenant will have a set of keys of the flat for his personal use, that will return when leaving the flat.
6. The lessor compromises with the teenant that during his stay will only rent rooms to university students or young proffesionals younger than 35 years.
7. The lessor compromises to the proper functioning of the flat instalations and the furniture, including electrical appliances. The lessor compromises to do the oportune repairs of this goods during the validity of this contract. This will not be applied when the damages are done by fault or negligence of the students(see clause 2.10 of this contract). Except for this maintenance service, the lessor is not commited to provide any other kind of additional service.


1. When making the reservation, the student must pay the deposit by bank transfer or with card online, and when he arrives to the destination will pay to Vive y Estudia the management fee of this contract.
2. In the booking process, the student must attach to their profile in Vive y Estudia online the following documents:
- Passport.
- Copy of the proof of identity of the studies that he is going to take.
- Photo digital carnet size.
3. The tenant compromises to pay the monthly rent established at the first page of this contract. This amount shall be paid even if the tenant is absent from the flat, by any reason during the stay agreeded by the parts.
4. The payments will be made to the flat owner (or the individual he or she delegated to) during the first five days of each month. The lessor shall deliver a signed receipt for each payment, that must specify the amount received, the payment concept and the date of payment.
5. The electricity receipts, gas and water will be paid by the tenants, and shall be paid when the receipts arrive.
6. If the student is running behind on paying the receipts, Vive y Estudia will claim a late fee of 5 € for each day of lateness.
7. The tenant must use the room exclusively as his personal living, so he will not be able to sublease it to other individuals, nor using it for commercial uses.
8. The lessor and the tenant agree to make the deposit on the bank account of Vive y Estudia, that will be the mediator in case of conflicts. Vive y Estudia will return the deposit to the student, at the request, when the stay ends, but only if he fulfills the terms of this contract (at any case the deposit will be used to pay the last monthly payment).
9. The deposit will be lost if once agreeded to this contract (see clause 3.5), the student does not arrive to the flat.
10. Extraordinarily, it will be discounted from the deposit the amount required from the disappearance of objects or the money spent to repair the damage caused to the flat or its basic tools, as long as that damages are not produced by the common use. If the originator of the damages does not identify himself, all the tenants will respond with their respective deposits, without prejudice to the tenants that can apply the pertinent legal actions against the responsible of the damages.
11. The visits will be received at the floor with the agree of the rest of flatmates. The visits cannot sleep over.
12. The tenants will respect the resident association rules, and will be careful of the noises. Parties inside the flat are not allowed at any case.
13. The tenants will respect the flat decoration and, except for the authorization of the lessor, will not introduce other furniture in the flat. It is not allowed to pin or stick objects to the walls.
14. It is not allowed to smoke in the apartment.
15. It is not allowed the possession of weapons, nor drugs use of any kind or the excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks.
16. Animals are not allowed inside the flat.
17. It´s considered as contract rules, that the tenants distribute the household chores of the apartment to lower the garbage, cleaning the common áreas (living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc).
18. If the tenant seriously or reiteratedly fails to fulfill the obligations of this contract, or incurs to criminal liability, by any kind of acts inside or outside the flat, this contract will be terminated, and will have to abandon the flat.
19. In the event of termination of this contract for breach of the tenant, or for leaving before the expiration of the contracted period, the deposit and the rest of the month paid in advance will not be returned.
20. There are not renovation rights in this contract.
21. If by the end of this contract the student does not take the deposit in the period of one month, it will be understood that he renounced to it.
22. The tenant must return the set of keys before recovering this deposit.
23. The tenant will have to allow the access to the lessor to the common zones of the flat to control the maintenance and the compliance of the rules inside this contract.
24. From the time that it is stated on the web of Vive y Estudia the wish of making the reservation of a flat and the deposit is paid, the contract is understood to be concluded. The signature of the contract is just another proof of the existance of this contract. Since that moment, the company reserved to him the corresponding room, and stopped offering it.
25. The lessor does not respond at any case for the robberies nor the damages of the goods deposited at the flat by the students.
26. It is the responsibility of the tenant to replace all the consumable on the apartment like (batteries, light bulbs, cleaning utensils), as well as unblocking toilets, showers, kitchen, etc.


1. If the lessor is refused by Vive y Estudia due to the unfulfillment of any of his obligations, either with the tenant or Vive y Estudia, the tenant will be able to terminate this contract and recover the deposit or be moved to other flat that fulfill all the requirements demanded by Vive y Estudia.
2. At the exceptional case of a conflict between any of the tenants and the lessor, or between the lessors, by the interpretation and the application of this contract, if they do not reach an agreement, the signatories will be submitted to the mediation of Vive y Estudia.
3. If the decision of Vive y Estudia is not accepted by any of the parts, in case of turning out to the Court, Vive y Estudia compromises itself to testify at the trial in favour of the part that Vive y Estudia considered damaged at his rights. In case of turning out to the Court, the signatories will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Court of the city of Madrid.
4. To the exception of the cases mentioned at the three previous clauses, Vive y Estudia will not respond to any kind of obligations that come out between the lessor and the tenant (for example, the obligation of repairs that are born from a offense or fault comitted by the lessor against the tenant; and vice versa).
5. This contract commits to both parts from the time the student pays the deposit, directly at the office of Vive y Estudia or by bank transfer. In any case, by legal security reasons, the student and the lessor will sign three copies of this contrat: one for the student, one for the lessor and the last for Vive y Estudia.
6. The monthly rental is free from the paying of IVA in virtue of Article 20, First clause, nº 23 of the Law 37/1992